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Build scalable real-time applications and infrastructure with Node.js, writing code using familiar JavaScript conventions

IndSoft Node.js Hosting

At IndSoft, every Node.js server comprises of a pre-installed package and process manager. You can select between 'npm' or 'yarn' as the package manager and for the process manager, you can select from 'npm', 'forever', 'supervisor' or 'pm2'. It is extremely easy to switch between the package and process managers even after the environment is created.


365 Day Technical Support


99.9% Uptime Guaranteed


Automatic scaling without downtime

Each of our web hosting solutions are fine-tuned, blazing fast and are ready for you! Choose the high speed package tailored for your needs.

  • vCPU1
  • RAM1 GB
  • Storage10 GB
  • Bandwidth500 GB
  • vCPU1
  • RAM2 GB
  • Storage25 GB
  • Bandwidth1000 GB
  • vCPU2
  • RAM4 GB
  • Storage80 GB
  • Bandwidth3000 GB
  • vCPU4
  • RAM8 GB
  • Storage160 GB
  • Bandwidth4000 GB
  • vCPU6
  • RAM16 GB
  • Storage320 GB
  • Bandwidth5000 GB
  • vCPU8
  • RAM32 GB
  • Storage640 GB
  • Bandwidth6000 GB

Node.js Hosting Benefits

Deploy and run your Node apps, your way.


Automatic Scalability

Node.js hosting platform enables you to start fast and scale whenever required. You can easily add dedicated load balancers with just a click for horizontal scaling of your application on the basis of a number of requests.

Control Panel

Monitoring Capabilities

You can observe and study various consumption metrics of your Node applications. Moreover, IndSoft's monitoring system can send you notifications in case any of the Node.js instance becomes overloaded.

Uptime Guaranteed

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

We provide you with a 99.9% uptime guarantee which covers the availability of our servers, as well as all network components.

Secure and Robust

Secure and Robust

A VPS hosted site is enveloped in agile security layers. All the data transaction is encrypted and and hence protected from data breach.

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